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The day Donald Trump aka president sunburn was born
''The devil was born on June 14, 1946"
by UGLYGOD_1 April 27, 2017

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The act of doing absoulty nothing, but still some how accomplished to mess everything up.

Works best in groups or a flock.
"Stop trumping around, you aren't getting anything done!"
by Roarasaur August 16, 2017

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Taking a shit on someone's lawn, stepping in it, and then walking into their house with shit all over your shoes.
I don't like our neighbor, so I'm going to pull a Trump.
by jmarquiz August 16, 2018

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Any type of rubbish, garbage or toxic waste created by humans accidentally catching fire.
"Hey Margert what's that awful smell? Someone caused a Trumpfire about 25 miles from here at a homeless encampment. It's been burning for about an hour or two.
by Buck Rico July 12, 2017

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The president meeting a combo move of Osiris's phalice and a Temperance Angel.
I can smell the flare up of your temperoids from here.
by 1 J. June 28, 2018

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A trumpster is a dumpster.
Guy 1: "Hey it's trump! Hey Mr. President"

*Slaps Guy 1*

Guy 2: "You Retard, everyone knows his name is Trumpster The Dumpster"
via giphy
by Tom Knows Best December 20, 2017

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When things go apocalyptic with Trump in charge.
Dude, the Dems skulldug, cheated, and lied and found themselves in a total Trumpocalypse!
by netdisciple June 11, 2019

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