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A synonym for a person who is LGBTQIAP+
I'm not going to be calling them lgbtq+ anymore.
Going to call them alphabet freaks now. Easy to say and don't have remember all of those alphabets lol.
by Reeceo August 02, 2019

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gay people having children.
"Myah and Jelena have two children" they are a same-sex family.

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Multisexual is the term to describe when one feels sexual attraction to more than one gender. It can be used as an umbrella term for pan, bi, poly, omni, and others, or as a standalone term.

Some people who have adopted the term use it as a means to say “different things affect my attraction towards different sexes and genders, so instead of trying to vocalize all these factors and make a complicated definition, I’m just using multisexual as opposed to bisexual or polysexual”.
I am multisexual. I am attracted to many different identities.
by Synp January 20, 2019

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Let's Gang Bang Thots
Frat guy 1: Hey what's your plan this weekend?

Frat guy 2: LGBT
Frat guy 1: Whatt?!?
by Meowlafoot January 20, 2019

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A nobodysexual is a person attracted to nobody sexually like an asexual person, BUT they also feel no romantic feeling Often confused with asexual but it's two completely different sexualities.
Max: You're so gay !
Levi: How dare you assume my sexuality?
Max: Huh?

Levi: Im nobodysexual
Max: Get fucked !
by thenobodysexualofficial July 16, 2018

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Snowflake sexuality society
A term for people who take LGBT issues too seriously and want to keep adding letters
Joe is part of the SSS.
by LizardBoi March 01, 2018

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An individual who is romantically or sexually attracted to cartoon or anime characters.

Should be part of LGBT community
"I've always been C.A.Sexual but I just now realized it."
by PeopleLikeMeMoreThanYou October 08, 2016

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