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Irshadi is a very handsome gentleman who is very kind and a women who is in a relationship with Irshadi is the luckiest woman alive there will not be a single day where if your with Irshadi you will be bored when your with him it's ridiculously fun he'll make sure you have a great time and bring the best out of you and he is amazing in bed. If you mess with him your dead.
When we went out, Irshadi opened doors for me, offered me his coat, and brought me flowers. He was such a gentleman.
by Poiyytrewq December 30, 2017

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He's good with the ladies, when he say he loves you he really mean it he loves to play basketball he's very athletic he's a gentle man he would most likely date a girl name keyarra he has a big penis, he's super cute and he love to wear designer clothing.
Latral is very good with the ladies
by Latral April 12, 2018

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An unbelievable sexy ruger who makes people fall for him with his charmness. A true definition of a gentleman
Oh my god ! He truly is a dharsyaan.
by John Mackanzie April 22, 2018

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