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A person who is a virgin and a money-whore at the same time.
Omg! Thaitai is sucking small dicks for robuxs!
by mesiter31231313123123131 June 12, 2018

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Has small nuts, and eats boys ass eryday allday. Licks the shit of my nuts for a living
man lets goto a strip club and order a blake
by Jauvo July 10, 2019

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A ugly man or woman refers as a homosexual
your a humarmhashi!
by Anonymous 😌 November 27, 2018

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Another name for calling somebody homosexual or gay.

A boy who is very homosexual and enjoys kissing many boys
MAN: You are such an Andrew Casteel
Other Man: You right

Man: Andrew Casteel is gay

Andrew Casteel: I know
by EtanCartre September 13, 2018

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is gay
wow fejuko is gay
by EyedDoubloon May 27, 2017

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“meat sniffer”, the private school version of saying “gay”because the good Christian teachers banned it
Kyle’s an Oscar Mayer whiffer!
by Oscarmayerwhiffer June 26, 2019

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Guy who usually has a small penis but loves sex, he will last forever! pretty buff but is a pussy for LOVE! Also most Dultins are gay.
Who is that? THATS DULTIN
by Goofylove123 November 13, 2018

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