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Coco looked up from the VIP area to the dancefloor and noticed that his friend Geoff was treating himself.
by Coco April 12, 2005
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Partying HARD, mostly characterized by the amount one drinks; however, all aspects of partying are included in "treating" i.e. drinking, drugs, dancing, sex, etc.
Patrick: What have you been up to this weekend, Cam?
Cam: I've been treating hard, bro. Hit the club three nights in a row.
by Treating October 12, 2017
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If a friend asks if you can treat him, it means that you treat him to like a chocolate bar and he is able to decide if he wants to treat you or not.
Joe: Hey bob, can you treat me to a Slurpee?
Bob: Yeah Sure!

2 weeks later
Bob: Hey Joe can you treat me this time?
Joe: Nah maybe some other time.

I personally will never be treating some of my friends again if they wont treat me back.
by 243567432 May 24, 2009
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