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Scottish slang for "your mother" usually used as a quick retort to an insult.
person1- you suck Dick
Person2- aye yer maw's dick.

I wiz shaggin yer maw.

Yer Maw's Muff smells like tuna.
by dickzilla August 11, 2004
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Maw is a common Scottish word for mother, however it can be used in many other situations where "mum", would not be at all appropriate! Instead of saying "No, I don't agree with that", one can simply say "Aye, yer maw", and walk away - by far the superior choice for those busy those of us with have more pressing matters to attend to.
1. "Your maw is braw (tasty/babelicious)"
2. Person 1. "Naw, yer fish"
3. Person 2. "Naw yer maw" (person 2 clearly wins the argument, it's easy when you know how)
by stranger December 22, 2004
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1. The mouth, stomach, jaws, or gullet of a voracious animal, especially a carnivore.
2. The opening into something felt to be insatiable
2. “I saw the opening maw of hell” (Herman Melville)
by TkWolf January 31, 2004
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Yer (your) maw is really cool.

John's maw is stunnin' (stunning)
by Michael Wales June 28, 2005
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MAWS (Middle-Aged Woman Syndrome) is a disease that many females tends to inexplicably contract upon reaching their 30's or 40's.
Symptoms inlcude:
-being self-absorbed
-negative attention-seeking
-making a scene in public places

Women with MAWS tend to make up the vast majority of people who make complaints or demands in stores, restaurants, or other customer service locations.

Women with MAWS seem to live in their own reality; they think their behaviour is normal and their actions justified.
Women may outgrow MAWS in their later years, rationalizing in ways deemed comprehensible or even socially acceptable.
Jim: Isn't it a nice day today Martha?

Martha: It'll be nicer once I rudely complain to customer service for a good half hour about my broken appliance, two hours if I'm asked to calm down. They can't tell me what to do - I'm on the ball. You know what "they" say, unless you've walked a mile in my shoes, don't talk to me...(etc)

Sarah: Try to ignore her Jim, she has MAWS.
by ihatemaws July 24, 2012
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A person who displays or shares tendancies, behaviours, and characteristics with a mouse.

If someone is acting this way, the natural thing to do is to point at this person while saying 'maaaaaaaaaaw', so that the person is aware that they have acted in a timid way that shows no backbone in the situation they find themselves in.
He is definately a maw.

This place is full of maws.

I am drowning in maw.

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaw (while pointing at culprit)
by mr loldem April 05, 2011
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1. A disgruntled, most likely overweight human female in the middle of her life; can be found complaining at a customer service desk in a retail outlet near you.

2. "Middle Aged Woman" or any other person demonstrating characteristics stereotypical of "Middle Aged Women"

3. A very dangerous predator in the mall parking lot, especially around Christmas season.
This item hasn't been on sale for 3 years but that MAW still thinks she is entitled to the sale price because her deceased mother got it on sale back in the 90s.

The worst thing about being a store manager is dealing with all of the MAWs.

The MAW wanted to speak to my manager and told me I was getting fired because she didn't want to follow the store policy on returning dollar sun glasses.

A MAW was pumping gas while talking on her cell phone and didn't notice the gas pump had fallen out of the gas tank spilling 20 gallons of gas which led to a fire burning down half of the city. The MAW still called customer service and complained about the 50 extra dollar charged to her credit card.

The MAW wanted an apple slicer that didn't core apples and then complained to our store when there were seeds in her apple pie.
by doimehahezoedog November 14, 2010
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