Jul 28
A type of dance when a dancer dramatically falls backwards into a struck pose on the ground, usually to end a dance.
turn turn turn stop and death drop!
by Nevaeh Herbert November 07, 2015
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Jul 27
go awf = go off . pretty much just talk your shit 😂😂.
applesauce123 : im freaking tired of people lying on my name .

johnson6282629 : GO AWF SISSSSS !
via giphy
by yurrrrrrr August 08, 2018
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Jul 26
the act of being in your own world; focused; being in the zone; on your grind
I be in my bag when i get in the booth.

I got an exam coming up, it's time to go in my bag and study.
by Rashine May 18, 2008
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Jul 25
The beginning or onset of some activity or likewise. See off the top.
Before we even left the crib dude hit us for gas off the rip.
by eandjay November 09, 2005
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Jul 24
When you or your friend has hot drama that needs to be told.
“sis you won’t belie what just happened..”
ooo spill the tea sis”
by giyb June 05, 2018
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Jul 23
Coloquial frase used by Puertoricans said to someone that should just call it quits.
“Man, my fucking work is gonna kill me.”
“Then Ricky Renuncia to it dude!”
by PRhatesU July 22, 2019
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Jul 22
To discard an item at a high velocity
Alex finishes his soda and proceeds to yeet his empty can into a trash bin

Alex (while throwing the can): “YEET!”
by Le anonymous April 22, 2018
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